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We’ve Got The Key in London Area

We've Got The Key in London Area

Mercedes locksmith in London Here at We’ve Got The key we assist a high number of clients a day across East London, South London, West London and North London. Our locksmiths are trained to gain entry to locked vehicles, cut new and spare keys, create new key fobs, coding and decoding keys and more! From Ilford to Basildon, we can assist our clients throughout London, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our client shut their vehicle without realising their primary key was in the front of their Mercedes, whilst the spare was locked in the boot! Thankfully, our East London locksmith Thomas was able to gain access to the vehicle diagnostically, with no damage. Diagnostically gaining entry to a Mercedes is something our car key specialist training covers for all our locksmiths, meaning this was a quick and efficient job for Thomas.

Nissan locksmith in London Our client was in Mayesbrook Park with their children when they dropped their key on the tarmac. After a few days of the key not fully functioning, our client called We’ve Got The Key. Our friendly support team member was able to suggest the issue would require a new key. Our locksmith Josh came directly to the client and cut and coded a new version of the key.


Vauxhall locksmith in London Our client’s keys were damaged after a series of mishaps with them, including dropping them whilst on the way to a Tottenham Hotspur football match in North London! Both keys were still usable, but the client wanted a new case for both versions of the keys. Our locksmith Josh could head directly to the client’s home and create a new set of keys. The client was delighted with the service taking place on the day they called and with a set of keys where the buttons were fully functional.

Fiat locksmith in London On this call-out, our client required a spare key for her vehicle after coming close to losing her sole key whilst out in West London. Our locksmith Hannah could go directly to the client’s house the next day and cut her the spare key she required.


Fiat key replacement in London Our client had an external steering lock on their wheel when they lost their key. The client required help ASAP to be able to get to Islington. Thankfully, our North London based locksmith Patrick was able to gain entry to the vehicle without damage. Patrick also cut a new key for the client, meaning she could continue with the rest of her day.


Ford locksmith in London On this occasion, our locksmith Patrick assisted our client with a non-damage entry to the vehicle. Our client, whose keys were locked in the boot, claimed he was tempted to gain entry to the vehicle with a brick. Thankfully, our friendly support team member explained why this wouldn’t be the best-case scenario. Patrick gained access to the car in just a matter of minutes, saving the client substantial costs in repairs if he had continued with his original plan!

Audi locksmith in London Our client had an unlucky morning with their key breaking in the ignition before their journey to work. They went to pull the key out of the ignition, and, unfortunately, it broke. The blade of the key was still intact, but the buttons on the fob of the key were no longer functional. Thankfully, our locksmith Josh was based in East London at the time, in Newham. Josh could go directly to the client’s location, take the blade out of the vehicle’s ignition and code a new fob for the client.

Mercedes key replacement in London Our client had lost the keys to their Mercedes and was unable to gain access to the vehicle. Fortunately, our locksmith Hannah was based locally in Harrow and was able to cut and code a new version of the key for the client, allowing him to get back into his car and get on with the rest of his day.

Our client lost all the keys to their Volkswagen. Our South London locksmith, based in Croydon, replaced the lost car keys by cutting a new version and, at the client’s request, posted the key through her letterbox.

Can we help with your car key issues throughout London?

Volkswagen locksmith in London Here at We’ve Got The key, our highly trained locksmiths assist many clients across East, North, South and West London daily. Our locksmiths are trained to gain entry to locked vehicles, cut new spare keys, create new key fobs, code and decode keys, and more! From Ilford to Hampstead, we can assist our clients throughout London, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why We’ve Got The Key in London?

We offer direct quotes specific to your needs. Before our locksmiths are sent to your location, our support team will explain thoroughly the process our locksmith will go through for the job, an estimated time of location and the required work cost.

Here at We’ve Got The Key, we are proud to say we have an ‘excellent’ TrustPilot rating based on our client’s feedback. Our clients praise us regularly for our “fast”, “friendly”, and “professional” service.

Our friendly support team is extensively trained in all things auto locksmithing. This ensures that regardless of the scenario, we’ve got the solution.

We offer a substantially quicker and cost-effective option compared to dealerships.

We are operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the year, meaning whenever you have your key issue, we’ll be on hand to help.


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Interesting information about Locksmith profession

Interesting information about Locksmith profession

Interesting information about Locksmith profession

Without our qualified locksmiths there would be no We’ve Got The Key. From coding new and spare keys to air bagging doors open, our locksmiths are trained in every service we supply. Each locksmith trains for hours at our academy centre in Norwich to ensure they are confident and excelling in the services we supply to our clients. In this blog we answer some commonly asked questions by our clients on exactly the skills our locksmiths have and how they are able to assist them in a number of scenarios.

Can a locksmith program a car key?

Locksmith services in the UK Our locksmiths can program any key we own and order in from our suppliers. In our locksmith’s vans they carry an array of key types for their jobs, along with transponder chips and further equipment to ensure they are able to cut a new set of keys or spare key to work with our client’s car. Our locksmiths will simply be able to put the new transponder chip into the newly cut key. After this they are able to connect our programming system to the vehicle to sync up the newly cut key with the client’s vehicle ensuring it works as well as their previous/main version.

Can a locksmith unlock my car?

Our locksmiths have a number of ways they are able to enter a car quickly and efficiently. All of our locksmiths train for hours at our own academy centre, based in Norwich on how to unlock a car door with lock picks. Another way our locksmiths are able to unlock a car door is by air bagging the door, our locksmiths will use this method if the lock is damaged or if they are struggling to pick the lock. A rarer option for our locksmiths to unlock the car is diagnostically. Opening a car diagnostically is only necessary for a few vehicles, mainly a Mercedes. This method is usually necessary when the vehicle has no boot lock, if it’s a convertible or our locksmith doesn’t have access to the boot.

Can locksmiths cut a spare key?

Our locksmiths are able to cut a spare key quickly and efficiently. They are able to do this by copying the original key the client owns. They will then be able to put a transponder chip and code into the spare key and sync that up with the car, allowing the client to have two fully functional keys. At We’ve Got The Key we are able to offer both a new set of car keys and spare keys in a much quicker process than a main dealership. We are able to offer a much quicker process due to the stock of keys we already store and have available as well as our locksmiths being able to go directly to our client’s location, across the UK. When attempting to gain a new key from a dealership a person will have to go directly to the dealership (which can be difficult if they cannot access a vehicle) and they rarely have available car key stock, meaning a standard delivery time of a number of weeks before a client is able to get their new key.

Can a locksmith make a key without the original?

Whilst the process is longer than cutting a spare, our locksmiths are able to cut a new set of car keys, without the original version. Thanks to the vast array of key stock we hold, we are able to help a number of our clients in the situation where they’ve lost their original key. When out on the call, our locksmith will be able to cut the new key with their key cutting machine and then, via our coding system, sync up a transponder chip code and the client’s car.

Can a locksmith open a car door?

Our locksmiths are well trained in opening a car door. We have experienced many occasions where a client has contacted us after their key blade has snapped when manually opening their vehicle door. Our locksmiths have various supplies and equipment for these situations. With their kit our locksmiths are able to safely extract the snapped blade. Our locksmiths are then able to cut a fresh key and open the car door. With more modern cars our locksmiths are also able to replace keys in a situation where the key battery has died. This can be a simple swapping of the old battery with a newer version or completely replacing the old key with a working version.

How can I become a locksmith at We’ve Got The Key?

Here at We’ve Got The Key we train all our qualified locksmiths in our training academy, based in Norwich. This training provides our locksmiths with the most up to date techniques and access to the latest diagnostic/programme software available. Our courses range from a 1 day course all the way up to our fully extensive 10 day course. The goal of the training course is to ensure our locksmiths have the essential knowledge and skills they will require for a career in the auto locksmith sector. Have we peaked your interested about our locksmith course? Click here to find out more!


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What should I do if the key is stuck in the ignition and won’t turn?

What should I do if the key is stuck in the ignition and won't turn?

There are a large number of situations that vehicle owners are afraid of getting into. One of them is to find that the key is stuck in the ignition and cannot be turned or removed. This is a really serious problem and if this situation happens to you, it can cause stress. In this article, we will explain why this can happen and how to solve the problem. However, at the very beginning, we want to warn you against trying to force a stuck key out of the ignition, as this can only exacerbate the problem and lead to a broken key or damage to the ignition!

Also, you should be aware that any key in the ignition should be easily pulled out of the lock after turning the key fully counterclockwise. If the key does not come out of the lock after turning, then you should understand the possible causes of the problem. We will talk about this in detail, having found out not only the most common problems with stuck keys but also all the ways that will help get a stuck key out of the lock.

Any car is a complex technical device that can have many problems and breakdowns. The hardest part of any car is diagnosing the problem. After all, many signs of a malfunction can often point to various components of the car. It is not very easy to determine the cause of the key being stuck in the ignition switch.

If you find that the key cannot be pulled out of the lock, you need to be patient and never use force to try to remove the key. But many motorists sometimes find it difficult to control themselves when an unpleasant problem appears in the car. Especially if the car key does not come out of the lock. After all, according to the law of meanness, such things, as always, happen at the wrong time.

Often, with a stuck key, many drivers begin to look for some kind of aid that they believe will help them get the key out of the lock. For example, some car enthusiasts try to pull the key out with pliers.

Do not under any circumstances do this. If you try to force the key out of the lock, you risk breaking it. Thus, you will only multiply the problem. After all, not only do you have to pull out the rest of the key from the lock and then restore the broken key, but you may also have to spend money on a new lock cylinder.

We hope you will heed our warnings and take advantage of our advice if you encounter such an unpleasant problem. Now let’s take a closer look at some points that will help you diagnose a possible problem with a key stuck in the ignition.

Check if the ignition is completely off

If your car has a key stuck in the ignition, the first thing you should do is ask yourself: Did you turn off the engine? At first glance, this is a stupid question. But you will not believe how many drivers every day, trying for hours to get the key out of the ignition in various tricky ways, then suddenly find out that the engine was not turned off to jam the key in the lock. Often, drivers do not fully return the ignition lock cylinder to its place in order to freely remove the key from the lock. This means that the ignition is still on and you will not be able to remove the key.

What to do first: So, if you can’t get the key out of the ignition, first make sure you turn off the engine and turn the key all the way counterclockwise.

Check your car’s steering wheel

You should be aware that if your car’s key won’t come out of the ignition, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all the problems are inside the lock cylinder. Sometimes the key may not be pulled out for other reasons. For example, did you know that the ignition key can get stuck in the lock due to the steering wheel of a car? The fact is that the steering wheel, in addition to controlling the direction of the car, is also an addition to the ignition switch. In addition, the steering wheel can be blocked by the ignition switch. Why is this needed? Now we’ll tell you. Usually, most cars do this as a safety measure. Thus, the steering wheel lock is necessary to prevent the car from moving when the ignition key is not in the ignition and when the car engine is turned off. The steering wheel lock is not removed if someone else’s key is inserted into the ignition lock. When you insert the “native” key into the lock, the steering wheel is unlocked. However, since the ignition switch is tightly coupled to the steering wheel, a locked steering wheel may cause the key to get stuck in the ignition switch.

What to do first: To fix the problem, you will need some time to unlock the steering wheel, which will eventually unlock the key in the ignition. To do this, you need to slowly turn the steering wheel left and right (even if the steering wheel is locked, it will still have play, allowing you to rotate the steering wheel in different directions). At the same time, you should, by gently and slowly pressing on the key, try to turn it in the lock. Ideally, this movement of the steering wheel and key should unlock the ignition and allow you to safely remove the key from the ignition.

The key in the ignition could break

Nothing lasts forever in our world. Including the ignition key, which can simply break inside the lock and get stuck in it. This may happen in the following cases. So, the key may break due to the fact that you have already inserted a broken, crooked, or cracked key into the ignition. In the world, many drivers neglect the condition of car keys, postponing the solution of this problem until later. As a result, it breaks down in the ignition switch at the most inopportune moment. So, never ignore the condition of the ignition key. If your key has become unusable (cracked, bent), do not try to repair it or force it into the lock. You risk breaking it and getting a headache in the form of a stuck key. You can also break a normal key if you use it incorrectly. For example, turn it too hard in the lock or try to turn the lock with the key not fully inserted.

What to do first: Usually, if you break the key, you will quickly find out about it by removing the rest of it from the ignition. But don’t panic. Depending on the complexity of the key and ignition lock design, you may be able to remove the rest of the key from the lock yourself or you will have to contact a locksmith who will easily solve the problem.

Ignition cylinder problems

Determining that something is wrong with the ignition switch is much more difficult than everything that we have told you above. The fact is that if the key is stuck in the ignition, you first need to determine what is the cause – the key itself or the lock.

Naturally, if you broke the key, then by pulling it out of the lock, you will immediately find out what is the reason.

What to do first: Sometimes it is very difficult to determine this. For example, if you still turned a broken key in the lock. How, then, to find out that the problem with a stuck key is connected precisely with the lock cylinder or with its larvae? This usually involves first making sure you don’t have a problem with the key itself. If you are sure that the key is not broken, then most likely the probable cause of the key blocking is in the lock itself.

Ignition switch dirty

Sometimes the ignition key can get stuck in the lock for other reasons. For example, if the key is not pulled out, then dirt in the lock may prevent its movement in the lock cylinder. Unfortunately, many automakers do not protect the ignition keyhole with a special plate.

As a result, over time, a large layer of dirt forms in the lock, which can cause the key to get stuck. By the way, sometimes dirt can even lead to breakage of the key. In this case, you must use some kind of lock and key cleaner.

What to do first: Sometimes, to solve this problem, it is enough to pull the key out of the lock a little (often, even if the key is stuck in the lock, it can be pulled out of the lock a little), and then reinsert all the way. You can also use a can of compressed air with a nozzle to clean the ignition lock, with which you can remove dirt.

Car key wear

Since the car key is often stressed, it may wear out over time (the teeth of the key may grind off). In this case, the key may simply not unlock the lock due to a mismatch between the teeth of the key and the lock larvae.

What to do first: You will end up using a spare car key or ordering a new one. But in some cases, the key, which, due to its wear and tear, did not coincide with the lock cylinders, may get stuck inside. In this case, try to pull the key back a little (usually, if the key is stuck, there is still play).

Then try turning the key a little to the right and left. Then insert the key all the way back in. It is quite possible that this method will help you still pull the key out of the lock.

The car key won’t come out of the ignition

Naturally, if the key is stuck in the lock, you will need time to understand the causes of this problem. You also must think about how to fix the situation and how you will get the key from the lock.

Here are some of the possible solutions that can help you when you can’t get the key out of the lock:

How to remove a car key stuck in the ignition

If your car key is stuck in the ignition since it broke inside, you must first assess the situation to understand who will solve the problem – yourself or a car mechanic.

The process of extracting a broken car key is not overly complicated, but it can cause additional problems if you do it incorrectly.

Most people, of course, prefer to do everything themselves, so as not to throw money away on the services of a car mechanic. But remember that you must weigh the risks as well. After all, if you break the ignition lock, you will spend much more money than you pay to auto locksmith for pulling a broken car key out of the lock.

Replacing the ignition lock cylinder

As we previously mentioned, the key can get stuck due to problems with the ignition lock cylinder. In this case, you will have to consult a car locksmith, who will be able to repair the lock, for example, by replacing its cylinder. This is much easier as he will be able to accurately diagnose the cause of problems with the ignition lock cylinder. In addition, an auto locksmith can tell you if the lock can be repaired or if you need to buy a new one.

Keep in mind that if you refer to an auto locksmith, then it will first have to remove the key from the ignition before it can begin its work.

Who to call if the key is stuck in the ignition?

If you encounter a problem when the key is stuck or broken in the ignition, you can always contact us. We’ve Got The Key is a national auto locksmith company, whose specialists practice exclusively non-damage methods for extracting car keys.

By contacting us, you can be sure of both the quality of the service and the speed of arrival of the vehicle locksmith to your car.

In order to get advice or order a service, just call us or leave a request through the callback form. Our phone operators work for you 24/7.


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New car key – cutting and programming

New car key – cutting and programming

Sometimes you may lose your car keys and the first thing you need to do is regain access to your car. This can only be done by a specialist, who has professional training. Also, you need special tools and equipment. Modern cars have a high level of protection, and even a specialist sometimes needs to make an effort to open the doors and restore access to the car. Can a locksmith unlock a BMW, Audi, Mercedes, or other high security modern car? Yes, of course. If you contact us, you can be sure that our professionals will complete the task.

Can a locksmith make a key for a Mercedes, BMW, and other brand vehicles?

After regaining access to your vehicle, you may need to generate a new key. A car key and, for example, apartment keys are completely different things, you must understand that. A car key always has a key fob that has programmed functions such as opening doors, opening the trunk, turning the alarm on and off, and others. Therefore, just cutting a new key is not enough – it also needs to be programmed so that it can perform all necessary functions.

How is a new car key made?

First, our technician needs to take measurements of the lock and make a new key. Our technician can do this on the spot after he opens your car and restores access. You do not have to waste time dismantling the lock and for a trip to the service centre – we do it for you. Next, our specialist will make a new key that will perfectly match the car lock.

The next step is car key programming. Key programming is carried out on special equipment – key programmers. Professional key programmers are complex devices with wide functionality. To work with the device, training and practice are required, without a programmer, knowledge and experience, it is impossible to program a new key.

To work with car security systems, you need to be trained and have special equipment, every specialist knows that. Therefore, we always tell our customers – do not try to solve the problem yourself. You will only waste time in vain, there is also a danger of damaging the car. If you have lost your car keys, call us immediately. If you’re thinking: “Can a locksmith make an Audi key?”, we answer – of course, yes!

We work with various types of vehicles

Our technicians are extensively trained and work with different types of vehicles. It can be a standard car, van, minibus or even a truck. We will open any car and make a new key for you. We work with almost all popular car brands – the full list can always be seen on our website. So if you ask where can I get a Peugeot car key cut? The answer will be – we have it.

There is an opinion that some car keys can only be ordered from the manufacturer. This is not true. This opinion is a delusion, because there are no restrictions for standard cars. Exceptions can only be unique car models that exist in one or few copies. Can a locksmith program a Ford key? Yes, of course, as well as keys from other brands.

Quick response – convenient service

Sometimes a lot depends on how quickly a specialist can come to a call and provide assistance. Our service centers are located throughout the country, so we can provide quality and fast service. This will save your time and allow you to deal with urgent matters. We value the time of our clients and our reputation, therefore we make all we can to solve your problems. We work seven days a week 24 hours a day, throughout the country.


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Ways to Repair an Ignition Barrel in Your Vehicle

Ways to Repair an Ignition Barrel in Your Vehicle

The ignition barrel in your car is a critical component that allows you to start your vehicle. When it malfunctions, it can lead to frustrating situations and even leave you stranded. In this article, we’ll explore the various methods of repairing an ignition barrel and discuss the importance of entrusting this task to a skilled professional.

Can an Ignition Barrel be Repaired?

One of the first questions car owners often ask is whether an ignition barrel can be repaired. The answer is yes, in many cases, it can. Ignition barrels can develop issues due to wear and tear, faulty wiring, or other reasons. However, repairing them is a complex process that requires technical expertise.

How to Repair an Ignition Barrel

Repairing an ignition barrel is not a DIY project. It involves intricate electrical work and precise mechanical adjustments. Here are the steps involved in the repair process:

  1. Diagnosis: An experienced technician will diagnose the issue with the ignition barrel. This may involve testing the electrical connections and inspecting the internal components.
  2. Disassembly: The ignition barrel is carefully disassembled to access the faulty components. This requires specialized tools and knowledge.
  3. Repairs: Depending on the issue, the technician may repair or replace damaged wiring, pins, or other components within the ignition barrel.
  4. Reassembly: After the necessary repairs are made, the ignition barrel is reassembled with precision to ensure it functions correctly.
  5. Testing: The repaired ignition barrel is tested thoroughly to ensure it starts the vehicle reliably.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix an Ignition Barrel?

The cost of fixing an ignition barrel can vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle and the extent of the damage. However, it’s essential to note that professional ignition barrel repair is often more cost-effective than replacing the entire ignition system or, worse, being stranded due to a malfunctioning ignition.

When is Ignition Barrel Repair Relevant?

Ignition barrel repair is relevant for anyone experiencing issues with their vehicle’s ignition system. Common signs of ignition barrel problems include difficulty turning the key, intermittent starting issues, or a key that gets stuck in the ignition. If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s crucial to seek professional help promptly.

Repairing an ignition barrel is a complex task that should only be entrusted to experienced specialists. Attempting a DIY repair can lead to further damage and increased costs. If you’re facing ignition barrel issues, contact a professional service like ours to diagnose and fix the problem efficiently, ensuring your vehicle starts reliably once again.


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Van spare key

Van Security: Why You Need a Spare Key and How to Get One

Van Security: Why You Need a Spare Key and How to Get One

Vans are the backbone of many businesses, used for transporting goods, equipment, and even serving as mobile offices. The security and reliability of your van are essential to keep your business operations running smoothly. One crucial aspect of van security is having a spare key. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why you need a spare key for your van and how to obtain one. We’ll also discuss why We’ve Got The Key is your trusted partner for van key solutions.

The Importance of a Spare Key for Your Van

Minimising Downtime: Imagine being locked out of your van due to a lost or damaged key. This could result in costly downtime for your business, affecting your productivity and potential earnings. Having a spare key on hand can get you back on the road quickly.

Emergency Situations: Accidents happen. Keys can get lost or damaged unexpectedly. In emergency situations, a spare key can be a lifesaver, allowing you to continue your work without unnecessary delays.

Convenience and Peace of Mind: Knowing you have a spare key provides peace of mind. It gives you the convenience to share your van with trusted employees or family members without worrying about losing the only key.

Preventing Lockouts: Lockouts can be frustrating, time-consuming, and costly. A spare key helps you avoid these situations, ensuring that your business remains uninterrupted.

How to Obtain a Spare Key for Your Van

Contact a Professional Van Locksmith: Professional locksmiths, like We’ve Got The Key, specialise in automotive key services. They can cut and program spare keys for a wide range of van makes and models. These keys are tailored to your van’s security system, ensuring seamless functionality.

Van Key Fob Replacement: If your van uses a key fob, locksmiths can replace or reprogram key fobs as part of their services. This includes the remote start and security features.

Transponder Van Key Programming: Many modern vans use transponder keys for added security. Professional locksmiths are equipped to program transponder keys, ensuring they work flawlessly with your van’s computer system.

Van Key Diagnostic Services: If you’re unsure of the condition of your van’s existing key, key diagnostic services can assess its functionality and determine if it requires repair or replacement.

Why Choose We’ve Got The Key

We’ve Got The Key understands the unique needs of van owners, especially those who rely on their vehicles for business. Our experienced locksmiths are well-versed in van key solutions, ensuring that you have a reliable van spare key that matches your van’s security system. We offer prompt services to get you back on the road and minimise downtime.

Van security is a vital aspect of your business operations. Having a spare key for your van is not just a convenience; it’s a smart business decision that can prevent downtime, emergencies, and lockouts. Whether you’re in need of a spare key, key fob replacement, or transponder key programming, We’ve Got The Key is your trusted partner for van key solutions. Contact us to secure your van and maintain the continuity of your business operations.


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locked car key

My keys are locked in my car – what should I do?

My keys are locked in my car - what should I do?

Forgotten keys inside a car are a common problem. A person can forget the keys inside the car in a variety of situations. Most often this happens in the evening, after work, when you are tired and lose your focus. At such moments, a person wants to get home as soon as possible, relax, relax in the bathroom and have dinner. The fact that the keys are lost or forgotten inside the car is found out only the next day. This leads to stress, you are late for important business meetings, you do not have time for work, you are forced to call a taxi and change plans for the day.

So, what to do if the keys are forgotten in the car?

This situation is found everywhere. This is not uncommon. And in case of such incidents, there is an algorithm of actions. The algorithm can be correct, and lead to a positive result and a solution to the problem. If the algorithm is wrong, then the problem will get bigger, the stress will increase, and you may need more help. This happens, if a person decides to postpone calling a specialist and uses the advice of friends, neighbours who may try to help open the car or get inside.

Penetrating into a car trunk is a bad idea

It ends badly, because instead of safely penetrating through the trunk, you destroy the locks. And all this time the keys still locked in the car. And there is no guarantee that you will be able to get access to the car through the trunk. If this succeeds, usually after such a “safe” break-in, you will need to contact a car service to repair the lock. The back seats will probably also have to be reinstalled. The reason is simple – if you want to get inside, you need to knock out the back seats by force. Most modern models do not have that kind of access.

Will a non-professional be able to open the vehicle on their own?

Another wrong algorithm of actions is to try to open the doors. There are many stories and articles on the Internet about opening car doors. To a professional, some of these articles look ridiculous, and almost all of them are of no real use. The fact is, that such methods do not work in reality. Especially if you want to open doors without damage and scratches. A non-professional will not be able to open the doors, without skills and without special equipment. Manufacturers of modern cars knew about all the tricks years ago, and have long since changed the design. Some modern models are so protected that it is not easy even for a professional specialist with equipment to get inside. So, who can get the keys out of a locked car? Only professional car locksmith. In London, or elsewhere in the UK, you can always contact us. We work throughout the country.

You’re in trouble – who to call when the keys are locked in the car?

Many people also think that the police can help them. But.. Can police help with keys locked in car? No. The police do not break into cars, this is done by professional specialists. Therefore, when the policeman’s arrive at the call, they will recommend the only correct way out – contact the auto locksmith company. Then your problem will be solved quickly and efficiently.

Losing the keys and forgetting in the car are not the same thing

Locked key inside the car And another common phenomenon is the loss of keys. Forgetting the keys in the car and losing them are two different things. If you have lost your keys, in addition to getting inside the car, you need to make new keys. You won’t be able to do it on your own. Therefore, you should immediately contact us, and we will open the car for you and make new keys.

Training and professionalism of our employees

Our specialists work quickly, are highly qualified, have all the necessary certificates and permits. Also, each of our employees has a live experience with cars of different models and brands. They understand the design features of locking mechanisms, and know how to do their job correctly even in stressful and non-standard situations. Once the car is unlocked, you can order new keys for yourself. We recommend ordering several at once so that you have access to an additional key. This will help you if you lose your master key. And there is no need to look for advice from friends, look for articles on the Internet and try to open the car yourself – just contact us.

Key programming

After the key is made, it will also need to be programmed. This operation must also be performed by a professional, otherwise the operation of some functions may be impaired. Key programming is the recording of necessary functions on it, for example, opening doors, trunk and others. Only then will it be a car key with electronic functions. If all operations will be performed by our professional employee, you will get a guaranteed result and a solution to the problem. We work seven days a week, all year round, 24 hours a day. We will provide you with a full service and fulfil all your wishes. We operate throughout the UK, we have an impeccable reputation and reliable, professional staff. Contact us right now and we will start solving your problem.


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How to Tell if Your Car Key Is Broken?

How to Tell if Your Car Key Is Broken?

When it comes to your car keys, they’re more than just a means to start your vehicle; they’re your ticket to convenience and mobility. But what happens when you suspect that your car key is broken? In this article, we’ll explore the signs of a broken car key and why turning to We’ve Got The Key for a replacement or repair is a smart choice.

Signs of a Broken Car Key

  1. Physical Damage
    One of the most obvious signs of a broken car key is physical damage. If your key is visibly cracked, bent, or chipped, it’s a clear indication that it’s no longer in its optimal condition. Physical damage can weaken the key’s structure and make it prone to further problems.
  2. Difficulty in Turning the Ignition
    If you find it increasingly challenging to turn your car’s ignition, it might be due to a broken car key. A key that has worn down over time or has damaged internal components may not engage the ignition properly, resulting in difficulties starting your vehicle.
  3. Intermittent Functionality
    Does your car key sometimes work and sometimes not? This inconsistency is another sign of a potential issue. Intermittent functionality can be frustrating and inconvenient, and it’s a clear indicator that your key may be on the brink of failure.
  4. Key Fob Malfunctions
    If your car key operates using a key fob or remote, malfunctions in these electronic components can also point to a problem. If you’ve replaced the battery in the key fob and it’s still not working as it should, it’s time to investigate further.

Why is it worth calling We’ve Got The Key if your car key is broken?

Now that you’ve recognised the signs of a broken car key, it’s crucial to address the issue promptly. We’ve Got The Key is your trusted partner in resolving key-related problems. Here’s why you should consider turning to us:

  • Cost-Effective Solutions
    Replacing a car key through a dealership can be expensive. At We’ve Got The Key, we offer cost-effective solutions for broken car keys. Our prices are competitive, ensuring that you get a high-quality replacement key without breaking the bank.
  • Quick Turnaround
    We understand that being without your car key can disrupt your daily life. That’s why we prioritise efficiency. Our experts work swiftly to provide you with a new key or repair car key, so you can get back on the road in no time.
  • 12-Month Warranty
    We stand by the quality of our work. That’s why we offer a 12-month warranty on all our new car keys. This peace of mind ensures that you’re covered in case of any unforeseen issues with your replacement key.

In conclusion, recognising the signs of a broken car key is essential for maintaining the reliability of your vehicle. If you suspect that your car key is compromised, don’t hesitate to reach out to We’ve Got The Key. Our cost-effective solutions, quick turnaround, and warranty make us the ideal choice for all your car key needs. Don’t let a broken key hold you back—get in touch with us today!


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Top 5 reasons to choose We’ve Got The Key

Top 5 reasons to choose We've Got The Key

In 2023, on the Internet, you can find a large number of companies that provide Auto locksmiths. To do this, simply enter into Google “vehicle locksmith near me” and select one of the many companies from the search results.
But today we want to talk not about other companies, but about what We’ve Got The key difference is from them. How in just a few years have we been able to raise the standard of customer service so much and become a niche leader?
We can say quite honestly that there is no magic in this. Just we put customer service at the highest level is its main task.
And here are just some of the reasons why hundreds of car owners across the UK trust us to solve car locks and keys:

  1. More than 100 highly qualified Auto locksmiths in all regions of the UK. Wherever you are, in England or Scotland, London or a small town in Wales, our experts will always help you solve your car key problem. Due to the number of full-time specialists, we cover 100% of the UK.
  2. Before starting every Car Locksmith undergoes mandatory multi-level training in our Automotive Locksmith Academy. Elements of training include theoretical and practical blocks. Future specialists learn how to work with locks and security systems of different brands and models of cars using the most modern equipment. Only after completing a full course of study, passing exams, and a long internship, do our employees start working.
  3. Our car locksmiths use only the most modern equipment to solve problems with car keys and locks. We strongly say “no” to all irrelevant methods or methods that may cause damage to your vehicle.
  4. Our call centre works for you 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Yes, you can call us even at 3 am and be sure that our specialist will answer all your questions and guide you on the next steps to get your car back on the road as soon as possible. You can call us at 01603367100 or any of the local numbers that are available on “Areas we cover” page on our website.
  5. We always guarantee impeccable quality of work to all our clients. More than 800 positive verified reviews on Trustpilot can tell you better than us about the quality of our service.
    Over the years of work, we have really been able to show what a service is, focused on the client, and not just on the company’s profit.
    We are here 24/7 to serve you vehicle locksmith services of the highest quality, regardless of which service is relevant to you. We can make replacement car keys for you, reissue a lost or stolen key, or help you access your car or van (for example, when we have locked the vehicle and the only key is left inside).

Contact We’ve Got The key right now

To contact us, call any of the phone numbers listed on our website. You can also fill out a simple feedback form or email us at info@wevegotthekey.co.uk.


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What is an auto locksmith and when can a specialist help you?

What is an auto locksmith and when can a specialist help you?

There are a lot of situations when a car owner needs to apply for the services of an auto locksmith. The help of this specialist will be in great demand, for example: in the following cases:

  • You have lost your car keys or the key has been stolen;
  • You forgot to take the key with you, you do not have a spare, and you need access to the car urgently;
  • You locked the car, but the key was left inside;
  • You need a spare car key;
  • Your car key has broken and partially or completely lost its functionality;
  • The key is stuck in the car door or ignition, and you cannot turn or remove the key.

In all these situations, the main specialist who can help you is the vehicle locksmith. The scope of this specialist’s duties includes both emergency unlocking services for cars and vans, as well as the production of new keys for cars.

At the moment, thanks to the highest professionalism and the latest equipment, car locksmiths can unlock the car without any damage and make a new key that will be no different from the key from the dealership.

What is the difference between a locksmith and an auto locksmith?

The difference is that the locksmith specializes in the emergency opening of doors of apartments and houses, offices, and safes. The main task of an Auto locksmith is to help solve problems with car locks and keys. The two professions are not the same, utilising different tools and techniques to get the job done. If a locksmith predominantly uses a tool to physically open locks, a car locksmith also uses computer systems to work with car security systems and car key programming.

Why are auto locksmiths important?

The steadily increasing number of vehicles on UK roads, combined with their growing technological sophistication, means that Auto Locksmiths are in more demand than ever before.

How much does an auto locksmith cost UK?

How much the services of an auto locksmith will cost you depends on a range of factors, including:

The main factors that shape the price of auto services locksmiths are:

  1. The amount of work that a specialist needs to do to solve a problem. If you need to unlock the car, the price will be lower than, for example, if you need to remove the remains of a broken key from the ignition lock, repair the lock and make and program a new key.
  2. The make and model of the vehicle being worked on. For example, the cost of any work with new models of BMW brands (BMW X6 2014, BMW 2 Series, etc. ) Is more expensive than similar work with other car brands due to newer protection systems. As a result, the specialist spends much more time and effort on solving the problem, whether it is unlocking the car or making a new key.
  3. Distance. Your location can make a big difference to the price of an auto locksmith, with service in rural or isolated areas being significantly more expensive.

Why would I need to call a car locksmith?

If you need a car services locksmith in the UK we are here to help you with all your car key and lock problems. Whether your car is on the side of the road in the countryside or near your home, our experts can help you anywhere in the country.

To contact us, simply call 01603 367100. Our telephone operators are at your service 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can also call us at any of the local phone numbers that can be found in the “Areas We Cover” page. Our telephone operator will be happy to answer all your questions and advise in detail about further actions.


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