Keys Locked in Van

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Keys Locked in Your Van

Accidentally locked your keys in your van? We can help 24/7. 

At We’ve Got The Key, we are a leading auto locksmith business proud to offer quality services with exceptional customer support. Our team of locksmiths work across the UK and Ireland offering a full range of services, including van key replacement and emergency van access, to help get you back in your vehicle.

Locked Out of Your Van

Our fully trained locksmiths work with the latest technology, including lockpicks that mimic the original key, to help gain straightforward access to your vehicle. Our team also use non-destructive re-opening methods to ensure that you can continue your journey without delay. 

Getting You Back in Your Van

At We’ve Got The Key, we operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our team are fully qualified and always available should you require our services to assist with recovering keys locked in a van.

Locked keys in van – how to unlock the door?

Losing your car keys is often a serious problem. In such a situation, the best solution is to turn to emergency opening professionals. The use of modern, proven methods of penetration and special equipment will help to open the car without negative consequences for the locks. If a person without qualifications, without the necessary tools, tries to break into a van, he can break locks, doors, and various mechanisms.

Huge experience

Experience is also of great importance – our technicians have accumulated knowledge and experience over the years, therefore they know all the nuances of opening cars of various models. When your keys are locked in van you must not act impulsively. Also, do not believe the articles on the Internet that tell how you can get into the car yourself. Here you need to understand that each manufacturer approaches security issues in its own way, and there is no one way that will open all doors.

Fast and qualified help

For example, some models have various obstacles that prevent entry through traditional ways. So, if the keys are locked in the van, this can be a major handicap. If you try to break into such a car, you will only damage the locks, mechanisms and doors without success. Our specialists have experience, knowledge and qualifications, and for different models they use different types of opening. The work is done quickly, with high quality and without damage to the car.

In the movies, you can see thieves using rulers to open the lock, or breaking open the trunk to get inside. In reality, these methods have not worked on modern cars for a long time, as manufacturers have provided protection against such types of opening. The best solution in such a situation is to have a spare key. A spare key can also be ordered from us. When keys are locked in van, you can quickly resolve this problem on your own and without negative consequences in this way. It’s safe and secure.

Also, we can not only make a new key if the old one has been lost, but also program it. This cannot be done on your own, as this requires additional equipment and work skills.

Impeccable reputation of our workers

Each of our employees has been trained and is well versed in their work. We provide you with the technician’s personal details, history, and reviews of other clients about his work, adhering to the principle of openness. Over the years in the UK and Ireland, “We’ve got the key” has built an impeccable reputation. We work all year round, without days off, holidays or breaks, day and night, so that you can always get qualified assistance.

We offer a variety of services, providing quick assistance to our customers. You can contact us in any convenient way, all contacts are on the site. When calling a technician to the scene of an accident, prepare the documents for the car. Since we have many service centers, our specialists arrive quickly. All your data received by us will never be shared with anyone. We value our customers and care about our reputation.

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