Lost car Keys

Professional production of new car keys to replace lost or stolen ones in the UK.

Lost car key

If you have lost your car keys, you need to act quickly to fix the problem. We are here to help you. We are the UK’s leading provider of Auto Locksmith services. We always guarantee the quality of new keys. We provide our services throughout the UK 24/7. To order new keys for your car or van, simply call us at 01603367100 or contact us via the callback form. We will contact you within 5 minutes after the request and advise on the next steps, as well as answer all your questions.

Production of a new car key in 1 day

Our specialists in We’ve Got The Key cover the whole UK. We can make new keys for 90% of cars and vans in our country. Our mobile locksmith can cut and program a new key in no time for you. We offer the best quality and guarantee

I've lost my car key. What to do?

If you have lost your car keys or your car keys have been stolen, this can be really stressful. But our experts are here to help you in any situation. Whether your car or van is near your home or on the side of the road, we are always ready to help you! Just call us 01603367100 and we will help you 24/7.

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