Car Key Cutting

service for both private and commercial vehicles


UK Car Key Cutting Service

Ideal in case of an emergency, a spare set of car keys ensures you always have a backup to get you back on the road.

At We’ve Got The Key, we are a leading auto locksmith business committed to providing quality services with exceptional customer support. Our locksmiths cover the entire UK and Ireland with a full range of services, including car key cutting, so you can always gain access to your vehicle.

Expert Car Key Cutters

Depending on the make, model and age of your vehicle, a pre-existing key can often be cut on the roadside. However, if you have lost your car key, then cutting a new one isn’t so simple. Many cars use programmed remote keys, and as such, new keys need to be individually programmed to work with the security system. 

At We’ve Got The Key, we operate locksmith sites across the UK and Ireland, allowing us to cut replacement programmed car keys with ease. 

Keys Cut for Any Car

As specialist locksmiths, our team work with the latest tools to provide car key cutting for all makes and models of vehicle. We provide our service for both private and commercial vehicles, while we also offer a range of key types, including remote fobs, keyless proximity fobs, key cards and transponder keys.

Mobile car key cutting near me

Anyone who owns a car knows how frustrating it is to lose the keys. If the keys to the car are lost, the first step is to call a specialist who can quickly and safely open the door and give access to the car. After access to the car is restored, you will need to make a new key. Even if you have forgotten the keys inside your car, after our specialist opens the doors, it is better to order additional keys. Then, in case you lose the key again, you will have an additional one in which you can open the car. So you will be safe even if an unpleasant situation repeats.

Only safe, no damage work with you car

Car opening is carried out with the help of safe master keys. We will open your car quickly, efficiently and without damaging the doors. Our specialists work with all modern car brands. To bypass the car’s security system, we have the appropriate equipment and complex programming skills. You can count on our help all year round, every day, without days off and breaks. We work day and night so that our customers can quickly and reliably solve problems with access to the car.

Best mobile car key cutting

We constantly update our equipment and electronics, so all work is carried out efficiently and quickly. We will produce your key on high-tech equipment in the shortest possible time. Car key cutting is carried out by professionals and it gives you a guaranteed result. Key cutting is made from branded blanks supplied by our partners. We use only the highest quality components and high-tech equipment so that our customers receive high quality services.

Affordable prices and high quality services

How much car key cutting cost? We offer our customers affordable prices so that even more people can get fast and qualified help. Our consultants will take your call day or night, seven days a week. We are ready to safely and without damage get into your car, make a key and perform key programming.

Get the best service!

To contact us, you can use the messenger or call us by phone. We accept orders and send specialists to the call without delay. We work with 99% of car models of 16 brands listed on our website. We also train new technicians in car key cutting, car key programming, and getting all kinds of car access. You can learn more about this here. Our staff is on hand day and night giving you unlimited access to the best car locksmith service in the UK.

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