Car Key Programming

Specialist car key programming in the UK

Car Key Programming

Since 1995, all vehicles manufactured in the UK require an immobiliser system to be fitted, so ensuring your car keys are correctly programmed is crucial.

At We’ve Got The Key, we are a leading auto locksmith business committed to providing exceptional customer support. Our locksmiths cover the entire UK and Ireland with a range of services, including car key programming, to ensure you can always gain access to your vehicle.

Car Key Programming Experts

When it comes to car key programming, replacements need to be individually automated to work with the existing security system. At We’ve Got The Key, our locksmiths cut and programme a full range of keys using only the most up-to-date equipment. 

Keys Programmed for Any Car

No matter the make or model, our car key programming service allows us to cut your vehicle a new key at short notice.

If you are looking to get new car keys programmed for your vehicle, we just require your vehicle registration document (VC5) and driving licence as evidence to prove you are the owner and we can sort the rest.

Fast and high quality car key programming

Car key programming is a service necessary if you want to change or order a new key. Most modern cars have a key with electronic components and need to be programmed for correct and stable operation. The key can have several programmable functions, for example – raising or lowering the windows, opening the trunk or hood, and even turning on the ignition.

Each of these features must be programmed if you want a complete new key. If this is not done, the buttons on your key will not work. Key programming must be done by a professional, only then can stable operation be guaranteed. Car key programming can be done for almost any car model that supports this function.

Don’t try to make it on your own!

Some have the misconception that programming the keys yourself is an easy task that a non-professional can handle. This is not true. In addition to skills and experience, additional diagnostic equipment will also be required. If you do not have diagnostic equipment and you do not know how to work with it, you will not be able to program the key yourself. Even in theory. But even if you find diagnostic equipment, lack of experience can lead to consequences – the key does not work properly or breaks. Therefore, you will have to buy a new key.

We have extensive experience of car key programming for various kinds of auto. Since our company has been operating in the UK and Ireland market for many years, we have accumulated a lot of feedback from our customers. Prices for car key programming in our service are low, but quality – always on the top.

You can order other services from us, such as:

1. Making a spare key.

2. If you have lost the original key – replace the key with a new one.

3. Car entry.

High quality service 

“We’ve got the key” provides a wide range of services, and we always try to help our customers solve problems. Our specialist will arrive on site, assess the situation and offer the best solution. If you need car key programming only, or a key replacement, you can contact our consultants using the contacts listed on our website. Each type of service has its own characteristics, and takes a different amount of time.

If you’ve lost your car keys and can’t get in, we’ll do it for you so you can quickly access your car. We use methods that do not damage the lock and locking mechanism, so your car will remain intact. You can also order one or more car keys from us – we will make the key and program the chip for you. This will be done quickly and professionally, with a guaranteed result.

Leadership and reputation

Each of our specialists has an impeccable reputation – we provide clients with reviews, personal data and full information about the employee who will come to the call. We accompany our clients at all stages of the service, offering the best service. Contact us and you will get all the benefits of working with us, including low prices and high quality service. We guarantee the stable operation of our keys and always meet the needs of our customers.

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