My keys are locked in my car - what should I do?

Forgotten keys inside a car are a common problem. A person can forget the keys inside the car in a variety of situations. Most often this happens in the evening, after work, when you are tired and lose your focus. At such moments, a person wants to get home as soon as possible, relax, relax in the bathroom and have dinner. The fact that the keys are lost or forgotten inside the car is found out only the next day. This leads to stress, you are late for important business meetings, you do not have time for work, you are forced to call a taxi and change plans for the day.

So, what to do if the keys are forgotten in the car?

This situation is found everywhere. This is not uncommon. And in case of such incidents, there is an algorithm of actions. The algorithm can be correct, and lead to a positive result and a solution to the problem. If the algorithm is wrong, then the problem will get bigger, the stress will increase, and you may need more help. This happens, if a person decides to postpone calling a specialist and uses the advice of friends, neighbours who may try to help open the car or get inside.

Penetrating into a car trunk is a bad idea

It ends badly, because instead of safely penetrating through the trunk, you destroy the locks. And all this time the keys still locked in the car. And there is no guarantee that you will be able to get access to the car through the trunk. If this succeeds, usually after such a “safe” break-in, you will need to contact a car service to repair the lock. The back seats will probably also have to be reinstalled. The reason is simple – if you want to get inside, you need to knock out the back seats by force. Most modern models do not have that kind of access.

Will a non-professional be able to open the vehicle on their own?

Another wrong algorithm of actions is to try to open the doors. There are many stories and articles on the Internet about opening car doors. To a professional, some of these articles look ridiculous, and almost all of them are of no real use. The fact is, that such methods do not work in reality. Especially if you want to open doors without damage and scratches. A non-professional will not be able to open the doors, without skills and without special equipment. Manufacturers of modern cars knew about all the tricks years ago, and have long since changed the design. Some modern models are so protected that it is not easy even for a professional specialist with equipment to get inside. So, who can get the keys out of a locked car? Only professional car locksmith. In London, or elsewhere in the UK, you can always contact us. We work throughout the country.

You’re in trouble – who to call when the keys are locked in the car?

Many people also think that the police can help them. But.. Can police help with keys locked in car? No. The police do not break into cars, this is done by professional specialists. Therefore, when the policeman’s arrive at the call, they will recommend the only correct way out – contact the auto locksmith company. Then your problem will be solved quickly and efficiently.

Losing the keys and forgetting in the car are not the same thing

Locked key inside the car And another common phenomenon is the loss of keys. Forgetting the keys in the car and losing them are two different things. If you have lost your keys, in addition to getting inside the car, you need to make new keys. You won’t be able to do it on your own. Therefore, you should immediately contact us, and we will open the car for you and make new keys.

Training and professionalism of our employees

Our specialists work quickly, are highly qualified, have all the necessary certificates and permits. Also, each of our employees has a live experience with cars of different models and brands. They understand the design features of locking mechanisms, and know how to do their job correctly even in stressful and non-standard situations. Once the car is unlocked, you can order new keys for yourself. We recommend ordering several at once so that you have access to an additional key. This will help you if you lose your master key. And there is no need to look for advice from friends, look for articles on the Internet and try to open the car yourself – just contact us.

Key programming

After the key is made, it will also need to be programmed. This operation must also be performed by a professional, otherwise the operation of some functions may be impaired. Key programming is the recording of necessary functions on it, for example, opening doors, trunk and others. Only then will it be a car key with electronic functions. If all operations will be performed by our professional employee, you will get a guaranteed result and a solution to the problem. We work seven days a week, all year round, 24 hours a day. We will provide you with a full service and fulfil all your wishes. We operate throughout the UK, we have an impeccable reputation and reliable, professional staff. Contact us right now and we will start solving your problem.


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