Car Locksmith vs Dealerships

Car Locksmith vs Dealerships

When it comes to getting new keys, losing your keys or needing a spare car key, there are two main options: a car locksmith or a dealership. Here at We’ve Got The Key, we often get asked about the differences between our lead times on new and spare keys compared to Car Dealerships. In this article, we discuss the differences between the two and why there is such a difference in terms of cost and wait time.

Delivery Lead Time

One of the main bonuses of choosing a locksmith instead of a dealership is the delivery time of the new key. When going through a car dealership, the wait can be substantially longer, with the average wait time being three weeks. Another benefit of choosing a car locksmith over a dealership is direct delivery. Due to our vast array of stock at We’ve Got The Key, we can deliver and code a new car key to our clients on the same day they call us. At We’ve Got The Key, we are operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year. With such availability and recourse across the UK, we can work around times and locations that best fit you and your life.

Travelling to a dealership can become more challenging with the use of a vehicle actually to get there. Most car dealerships don’t hold key stock on their premises, meaning they have to manage stock for each request; hence the much longer waiting time. If you are in a situation where you can’t gain access or operate your vehicle without the key, a dealership can also be an unhelpful option. Dealerships, unlike our locksmiths, do not offer a direct delivery service, meaning you will have to go directly to them.

Our locksmiths can assist in an emergency situation where you have been locked out of your vehicle. Our locksmiths are trained to assist in roadside recovery to be able to put the worst part of your day behind you as quickly as possible.

The Process Cost

Here at We’ve Got The Key, our prices are much cheaper than a Car Dealership. We can offer a more affordable price due to our wide variety of aftermarket key stock. The aftermarket keys work like your previous key; for example, if you owned a flip key (where the blade flips out of the fob after a button is pushed), you will receive an aftermarket flip key version. The only differences with an aftermarket key compared to your original version can potentially be the shape of the key and the lack of the vehicle’s logo on the fob.


You may need two spare keys for different car types; our locksmiths can come directly to your location and create both key types for you on the same day. Here at We’ve Got The Key, our locksmiths are trained in coding and cutting new keys for all vehicles. From Alfa Romeo to Mini, they have worked on them all. When using one of our locksmiths, we come directly to your location so you can see the entire process. We can also show you then and there that your new key is fully operational. With a dealership, two different car keys and car types will require two separate dealerships, increasing the wait time and cost.

If you’re looking for a more affordable and convenient way to get a new key, a locksmith is the way to go.

Are you in the need of a new key, a spare key or just a free, no-obligation quote? Call us on 01603 367100, and one of our friendly support team will be able to help you.



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