Auto Locksmith training course

Launch your career in an exciting new profession in just 5 or 10 days!

Training in a modern workshop with best in class equipment
Excellent tutors with significant experience in both locksmithing and training
Individual approach to each student
Opportunity to either join our Company or work as a contractor

Auto locksmith training in the UK

If you want to learn a new, sought-after profession then you are on the right track! Here are just a few reasons why you should choose the profession of an Auto Locksmith:

  • High salary. Having mastered a new profession, you have the opportunity to earn a great salary whilst doing a job that you will enjoy.
  • Interesting job taking you to different destinations and helping people in their hour of need.
  • Constant opportunity for self development.

Auto Locksmith training academy

The main goal of our academy is to make you a professional in your field. Our Car locksmith course provides essential knowledge that you can put into practice immediately after graduation. Upon completion of the course, you will be ready to launch your career. There may also be the opportunity to either join our Company or work as a contractor.

Our training center is located in Norwich, Norfolk and we offer tuition for students all over the UK. All you need to do to start the path to mastering a new profession is to call us at the number 01603537077 or fill out the call-back form. We will be happy to answer all your questions and advise you on the next steps.

We are able to recommend and arrange suitable accommodation for the duration of your stay.

Auto locksmith course price

How to become a car key locksmith?

In the modern world, people are increasingly dependent on cars, and any problems with getting inside are very disruptive to the course of life and daily activities. However, the loss of keys, their wear and the need for timely replacement are problems that everyone faces sooner or later. Therefore, the training of new specialists is a problem to which we pay great attention.

Our company offers services for penetration into cars and vans of any modern manufacturer. This is our main vector. Also, we can make and program new car keys for you. We employ the best specialists, as we pay great attention to their training and constantly improve their skills.

Effective training and employment

Our company provides an opportunity to train specialists with the issuance of a certificate and 100% employment. After successfully completing the training, you will pass an exam to assess your professional skills, and after that we will hire you in one of our service centres. Training takes place with certified instructors and always includes practical exercises. So, our students from the beginning of training receive and accumulate experience.

Vehicle locksmith training includes training in various areas such as:

  • Unlock car without damage with special door master keys.
  • Understanding the operation of the transponder, its manufacture and cloning.
  •  Use of manual and electronic key cutting equipment.
  • How to overcome security pin-codes in a car.
  • How to find out the features of cutting keys and how to choose the right blank key.
  • Car key programming using the most advanced methods and remote programming.
  • Practice on live examples with different car models.
  • DTS-Connect key programming.
  • Educational base.

And other

Each of our courses includes the elements listed above. But you must understand – the longer the course, the more complete training you will receive. The level of professional qualities and the subsequent level of income will directly depend on this. If you take the full course, practice and pass the exam, you will be a great specialist.

We have 3 types of training.

One-day auto locksmith course

If all the keys are lost and it is impossible to get into the car by the standard method, only unlocking remains. But, remember that the penetration must take place without damage to the locks and door mechanisms. This can be done after passing a special vehicle locksmith course. Training is intensive and includes all the necessary knowledge and skills for no damage penetration.

Summary of the course:

  • Review of decoders, master keys, door wedges.
  • An overview of car penetration tools.
  • Lockpicking and decoding training (Lazer and Tibbe) – practice session and skill demonstration by a professional instructor.
  • Training for personal experience.

We teach all the necessary procedures, methods and steps. Penetration is through the door with inflatable pillows, wedges and rods. We learn to open locks in practice using Lazer and Tibbe master keys.

This course will be useful for anyone who sometimes needs to get into a car without damage and negative effects on doors and other structural elements. For example, it can be useful for car mechanics or repair shop workers.

Five-day auto locksmith course

One-day course provides the minimum required knowledge, however, in order to get deeper learning, it is better to take a five day or ten day course. You get more professional skills and learn more disciplines. This car locksmith course will allow you to learn not only breaking and entering a car, but also programming and making keys. You will gain knowledge and skills that will allow you to perform various types of services.

The course is fast and intensive, as 5 days is not a very long time. Students receive the necessary knowledge about transponders, programming, opening a car without damage, preparation and use of diagnostic equipment and key cutting. In addition to demonstrations and lectures, students receive practical experience in various scenarios, which allows them to consolidate knowledge.

The course is perfect for those who are limited in time and cannot complete the full ten day course. Each topic is given a short time, but at the end you will be able to get into the car without harming the locking mechanisms and other systems, cut and program the key.

Vehicle locksmith training includes:

  • Car penetration – non destructive, quick and professional. We teach how to get inside through the door. For this we have special tools.
  • How to choose the right key for cutting and where to get key codes?
  • Manual key making and key coding.
  • Knowledge about transponders and cloning.
  • How to program remotely? DTS connect, options and programming.
  • Key programming and remote programming. We use only the most reliable devices and methods and teach this to our students.
  • Pin codes for car security – opening and gaining access.
  • Demonstration and training to work with Keydly.
  • Practical exercises in live conditions with vehicles.
  • Information support.

Our car locksmith training qualifications give you not only knowledge but live experience with various vehicles. You will work with different models and brands of cars, get the skills of programming, opening doors without damage and making keys. Our instructors teach you how to use the latest equipment and proven methods.

This car locksmith course is suitable for those who want to gain the necessary skills to get a job as a car mechanic, and companies that sell cars and want to offer their customers additional services. Also, it can help professionals learn new programming and opening techniques to improve their skills.

Ten-day auto locksmith course

The most complete course that includes the maximum amount of information and practice. Automotive locksmith course Auto locksmith course prices (UK), in this case are the highest, but you get full training, hands-on training and detailed knowledge for your money. The course includes methods and features of working with equipment that are not available in the one day course and five day course. After completing the classes and the exam, you will receive a certificate and the possibility of employment in our company.

All the knowledge that you get in the learning process, you can use in practice. This means that our vehicle locksmith training consists of more than 90% practice in live situations with different car models from different manufacturers.

Ten day course includes:

  • Repair and maintenance training – work with car locks and diagnostics.
  • Disassembly, study of the design and characteristics of automobile locks.
  • Decoding and picking various locks and different types.
  • Car locksmith training – replacement key.
  • Penetration into the car without damage using tools – airbags, wedges and others.
  • Demonstration and study of transponders, immobilizers and diagnostic devices.
  • Doing business, working with a client, behavioural secrets
  • Pricing, correct execution of documents and invoices for services.
  • The right set of tools.
  • Car keys coding and duplication.
  • Knowledge of how and where to find vehicle information and key code.
  • Passing practical training on cars of various manufacturers.
  • Training in programming and remote programming using MVPPro/ AD100Pro.
  • Microprocessor and EEPROM programming.
  • How to correctly read the PIN code and unlock car security system.
  • True Code, Cryptoworks – learning software for programming.
  • Stages and steps of cloning.
  • We study transponders – pre-encoded, fixed, cryptographic.
  • Dismantling and soldering – practical training.

This car locksmith course includes an in-depth study of techniques, modern equipment, business conduct and various subtleties. We will make you a high-level specialist, ready to perform complex tasks.

We work with all modern car manufacturers: Rover, Peugeot, Renault, Ford, Vauxhall, VAG, Citroen, Mercedes, BMW and others.

Anyone who wants to become a highly qualified specialist and get a new profession must complete the full course. Car mechanics, car repair shop workers, and representatives of car sales companies can gain very useful knowledge that will significantly expand the range of services. To complete the training, you must have 14 days of free time.

If you search using google “the auto locksmith course near me” – is the best way to get a new profession. Our company will help you do it efficiently and quickly.

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