What is an auto locksmith and when can a specialist help you?

There are a lot of situations when a car owner needs to apply for the services of an auto locksmith. The help of this specialist will be in great demand, for example: in the following cases:

  • You have lost your car keys or the key has been stolen;
  • You forgot to take the key with you, you do not have a spare, and you need access to the car urgently;
  • You locked the car, but the key was left inside;
  • You need a spare car key;
  • Your car key has broken and partially or completely lost its functionality;
  • The key is stuck in the car door or ignition, and you cannot turn or remove the key.

In all these situations, the main specialist who can help you is the vehicle locksmith. The scope of this specialist’s duties includes both emergency unlocking services for cars and vans, as well as the production of new keys for cars.

At the moment, thanks to the highest professionalism and the latest equipment, car locksmiths can unlock the car without any damage and make a new key that will be no different from the key from the dealership.

What is the difference between a locksmith and an auto locksmith?

The difference is that the locksmith specializes in the emergency opening of doors of apartments and houses, offices, and safes. The main task of an Auto locksmith is to help solve problems with car locks and keys. The two professions are not the same, utilising different tools and techniques to get the job done. If a locksmith predominantly uses a tool to physically open locks, a car locksmith also uses computer systems to work with car security systems and car key programming.

Why are auto locksmiths important?

The steadily increasing number of vehicles on UK roads, combined with their growing technological sophistication, means that Auto Locksmiths are in more demand than ever before.

How much does an auto locksmith cost UK?

How much the services of an auto locksmith will cost you depends on a range of factors, including:

The main factors that shape the price of auto services locksmiths are:

  1. The amount of work that a specialist needs to do to solve a problem. If you need to unlock the car, the price will be lower than, for example, if you need to remove the remains of a broken key from the ignition lock, repair the lock and make and program a new key.
  2. The make and model of the vehicle being worked on. For example, the cost of any work with new models of BMW brands (BMW X6 2014, BMW 2 Series, etc. ) Is more expensive than similar work with other car brands due to newer protection systems. As a result, the specialist spends much more time and effort on solving the problem, whether it is unlocking the car or making a new key.
  3. Distance. Your location can make a big difference to the price of an auto locksmith, with service in rural or isolated areas being significantly more expensive.

Why would I need to call a car locksmith?

If you need a car services locksmith in the UK we are here to help you with all your car key and lock problems. Whether your car is on the side of the road in the countryside or near your home, our experts can help you anywhere in the country.

To contact us, simply call 01603 367100. Our telephone operators are at your service 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can also call us at any of the local phone numbers that can be found in the “Areas We Cover” page. Our telephone operator will be happy to answer all your questions and advise in detail about further actions.


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