Can 112 or 999 Unlock Your Car?

Dealing with the Stress of Locked Keys in the Car

Locking your keys inside your car can be an incredibly stressful experience. However, it’s essential to stay calm and consider the most effective ways to resolve the situation. Panicking won’t help, but a strategic approach can make a significant difference.

Can 112 or 999 Unlock Car Door?

When faced with a locked car and keys inside, many people instinctively think of calling emergency services like 112 or 999. While these services are designed to handle emergencies, unlocking a car isn’t their primary focus. In fact, calling emergency services for such a situation might result in damage to your vehicle.

Emergency responders typically resort to forceful methods like breaking windows to gain access to the locked car. This approach, though effective, can lead to additional expenses for car owners due to the need for immediate repairs. In many cases, this may not be the most cost-effective or convenient solution.

Where to Call If Locked the Key Inside the Car?

Choosing the Right Solution

Instead of relying on emergency services, it’s advisable to contact a professional auto locksmith when you’ve locked your keys inside your car. Auto locksmiths are trained experts who specialise in non-destructive methods of unlocking vehicles. This ensures your car remains undamaged, saving you from unnecessary repair costs.

We’ve Got The Key – Your Trusted Car Locksmith

For those in the UK, the ideal solution is to reach out to We’ve Got The Key, a leading car locksmith company. Our team of specialists is equipped with the knowledge and tools to efficiently unlock your car without causing any damage. Choosing a professional service like ours ensures a swift resolution to your predicament.

The Smart Choice for Locked Car Situations

In conclusion, while emergency services like 112 or 999 can technically unlock your car, they often resort to forceful methods, leading to potential damages and additional expenses. Opting for a professional auto locksmith, especially one like We’ve Got The Key, guarantees a safe and efficient solution. So, the next time you find yourself in a locked car situation, make the smart choice and contact a reliable auto locksmith for a hassle-free resolution.


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