7 Essential Car Security Tips

Becoming the victim of a vehicle crime can often be a distressing experience, let alone prove costly and time-consuming. However, by following a number of easy to implement car security tips, you can help to limit the likelihood of your vehicle being broken into or stolen.

To help, we have put together our 7 Essential Car Security Tips guide to show you how to improve car security and help reduce the chances of falling prey to vehicle crime.

Hiding Valuables

While it might sound obvious, hiding any valuables – such as mobile phones, laptops, handbags or work tools, is essential when leaving your car. Any belongings left out on display can act as a magnet for would-be thieves. When leaving your car, always check to see whether any items are on the backseat, passenger seat or elsewhere in the vehicle and either take them with you or hide them.

Fitting a Steering Lock

Investing in a steering lock can be a real help in deterring would-be car thieves, as just the sight can be off-putting enough to those looking to steal your vehicle. Breaking open a steering lock also typically requires heavy-duty equipment, so any spontaneous car thieves are very likely to be deterred by the sight of such a security measure.

Fitting an Immobiliser

Designed to prevent a vehicle from starting without its fob, an immobiliser device can be a vital tool for combating car crime. Today, the majority of cars have an immobiliser fitted as standard, though older cars, particularly vintage ones, may lack such a device, making them an easy target. So while an immobiliser will not prevent your vehicle from being broken into, it can stop any attempts to drive it away, making it an ideal deterrent against professional thieves.

Parking in a Secure Area

 When it comes to car security tips, the location of where you park your vehicle obviously has a massive impact on its overall safety.

Whenever possible, park in a garage or on private land behind a gate. If you do not have the option of a garage or other similar location, then always try to leave your car in a well-lit and busy area, as vehicle thieves are less likely to commit their crimes if there is a high chance of being spotted in the act. car security tips

Fitting an ECU Guard

As vehicle security measures continue to improve, so too do the methods criminals use to break-in. One prevalent approach favoured by thieves is to attack the electronic control unit of a vehicle, thus bypassing the security system and allowing the engine to start without the necessary keys or fob. However, by fitting an ECU guard to protect the vehicle’s unit, you can help prevent would-be thieves from overriding the security system and accessing your car.

Fitting an Ignition Guard

Alongside bypassing the electronic control unit of a car, another break-in method favoured by criminals is to override the security system by removing the ignition. This method involves connecting a device through the ignition and extracting the security system’s pin code to access the vehicle. To tackle this growing issue, you should consider fitting an ignition guard as this can help prevent the ignition from being forcibly removed.

Installing Relay Attack Prevention

Keyless cars have made life much more convenient for many of us. However, their introduction has also provided thieves with new opportunities to break in and steal vehicles. A growing trend amongst criminals, relay attacks involve a device communicating the signal from a car’s keyless fob to the vehicle, which allows thieves to open the car without physical access to the keys or fob. Thankfully, there are several measures to help tackle this issue. Easily fitted by an experienced locksmith, a relay attack prevention device works by blocking any electronic signals sent from the key unless a unique code is entered. Another approach to help stop such attacks is to use a faraday-style wallet for the fob or keys. The wallet works by simply blocking any electronic signals from the fob or keys to the car.

Car Security Tips: Final Thoughts

Theft and break-ins are unfortunately a common drawback to vehicle ownership. However, by following our tips on how to improve car security, you can help reduce the potential risks involved. 

At We’ve Got The Key, our team of experienced locksmiths are on hand for any car security installation services you need. To speak to one of our qualified call handlers today, give us a call on 01603 367100 to see how we can help.


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