Understanding Transponder Keys

Here at We’ve Got The Key, we back ourselves on all thing’s keys, but we understand that whilst many people own a pair, they might still need to learn the inner working of keys. In this article, we tell you what a transponder chip is, how it’s vitally important for all keys and how our locksmiths can use them to cut and code your spare or new keys.

What is a car transponder chip, and how does it work?

A car transponder chip is a small electronic device fitted on the inside of a car key or fob. The chip is designed to communicate with the car’s immobiliser system, allowing the vehicle to be started only with the correct key.

When the key is inserted into the ignition, the car’s immobiliser system sends a radio signal to the transponder chip in the key. The chip responds with a unique code to the car’s immobiliser system. If the code is correct, the immobiliser system will allow the car to be started. If the code is incorrect or missing, the immobiliser system will prevent the car from starting.

The transponder chip works by using a small radio transmitter and receiver. The chip contains a small microchip that is programmed with a unique code. When the chip receives the radio signal from the car’s immobiliser system, it uses an internal antenna to transmit the code back to the car. The car’s immobiliser system then checks the code to ensure it is correct before starting the car.

Overall, car transponder chips provide additional security for modern vehicles, making it much more difficult for thieves to steal cars.

How can our locksmiths cut and code a new key to your vehicle?

Thanks to our vast wide range of car keys and transponder chips, our locksmiths have an array of stock immediately available to them. Our locksmiths also have industry-leading equipment available to them, making the process of cutting and then syncing a new car key a quick and easy process. Our locksmith will take the current primary key from the client for a spare car key. The locksmith’s key-cutting machine will read the primary key’s blade to ensure the newest key will manually operate the lock and fit into the ignition barrel. Whilst this process is taking place, our locksmith will fit a transponder chip into the relevant key fob.

After the transponder chip has been fitted, our locksmith will enter the vehicle and sync up the newest version of the key with the car in question. Our locksmith can complete this process quickly and seamlessly thanks to more state-of-the-art equipment created to synchronise a new car key from fresh to the vehicle. You may be asking yourself why the car key must be synchronised. Well, we can tell you! Synchronising the new car key with the car is vital because it will allow the new car key to operate the car’s locking system and start the vehicle.


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