How to open a car door without a key?

In today’s world, with its frantic pace of life, a car has long ceased to be a luxury item. Its presence allows you to shorten distances, solve matters in a nearby city in one day, or take your family on vacation. However, there are times when all your plans can be disrupted instantly. And no, we are not talking about a stalled engine or a flat tire. You may be surprised, but among the most frequent reasons that make it impossible to use the car are problems with the keys or lack of them. What should you do if you have lost your car keys, locked them in the vehicle, or the keys have stopped working? Here are answers to some of the most frequent questions in such cases.

How do you unlock a car door?

This situation will be fine if you have a spare car key. But let’s be realistic. First, not all car owners have or already use them instead of the keys they lost earlier. Secondly, your spare keys can often be located in another city or country. The best solution in such a situation is to contact a company that provides auto locksmith services. Then you can be sure that you will get the help you need. Qualified specialists will unlock your car in the shortest possible time and make new and spare keys for you.

How do you manually open a car door?

This question is the first that arises for a person who has lost his car keys. And then the idea immediately creeps in to try to open the car with improvised means. Some owners even dare to break the glass to get in their vehicles. Do not do this under any circumstances! In this case, you not only risk damaging the car, but you can also injure yourself. It would help if you also kept in mind that any of your manipulations with the lock may complicate the car locksmith’s work in the future. Therefore, the best solution is to avoid risks and immediately contact an auto locksmith.

How do you get into a car with keys locked inside?

So, after a long and fruitless search, you discover that the keys are locked inside your car. First, you must calm down and, most importantly, give up the idea of unlocking the vehicle with improvised means. Of course, the best solution will be to contact the auto locksmith company. The specialist who arrives will easily open your vehicle without breakdowns and damages and make a spare key. However, if you still want to break into the car, try doing it through the boot. In some vehicles, it is possible to unlock it separately.

How do you open a keyless car door?

Although opening a car door yourself is not the best idea, there are times when it is the only option available. Before reaching for the handy tools, check if your car has an app that can open the door remotely. If there is no such thing, you can use a coat hanger or an antenna to reach the locking mechanism. Another viable option is the use of lacing. With its help, you can create a knot, pull the lock-up, or create a gap in the window. However, you must understand that the safest and most effective way is to contact car locksmiths with the appropriate skills and tools.

How do you unlock a keyless car without the key?

If you have lost your car keys and don’t have a spare, or they are hundreds of miles away, you should use the following tips. First, you need to remember not to open the lock with any improvised means. Most likely, you will damage the car or break the lock, but you will never get inside. You can also get inside through the boot or unlock the vehicle using an app if one exists for your make and model. But the best and 100% effective way is to contact WGTK, a company with over a hundred qualified car locksmiths throughout the UK. We provide a full range of services from entering the car to issuing new keys. Fast, high-quality, and reliable.


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