Car Keys Locked in the Boot: 5 Practical Methods to Unlock and Avoid Damage

Owning a car brings numerous joys, but sometimes even the most vigilant drivers may face unexpected issues, such as locking their keys in the boot. This article will explore five practical methods to resolve this inconvenient situation and caution you against potential lock damage.

Utilise a Spare Key or Key Card

This could be the optimal and least invasive solution to unlock your boot if you have a spare key or a key card. Access your spare key or key card and use it to open the boot without causing any harm to the lock mechanism.

Try the Interior Boot Release

Many vehicles are equipped with an interior boot release lever for safety reasons. Check your car’s interior for a lever or button that could manually release the boot latch. Refer to your car’s manual for guidance on locating this release mechanism.

Call for Professional Assistance

When all else fails, consider seeking the help of a professional car locksmith. Attempting to force the boot open may lead to damage. We recommend contacting a reputable locksmith service like “We’ve Got The Key,” the largest vehicle locksmith company in the UK and Republic of Ireland, to efficiently and safely resolve the issue.

Use a Slim Jim or Wire Hanger

For those who are confident in their abilities, using a slim jim or a modified wire hanger can be an option. Exercise extreme caution, as improper use may result in damage to your vehicle. If you’re unfamiliar with these tools, it’s advisable to seek professional help.

Consider Lubricating the car Boot Lock

In some cases, a stuck boot lock can be freed by applying a lubricant such as WD-40. Carefully follow the product instructions, and attempt to unlock the boot after allowing the lubricant to penetrate the lock mechanism. This method is most effective for minor obstructions.

Remember, while these methods offer potential solutions, there is a risk of damaging the lock or the vehicle if not executed properly. If you find yourself unable to unlock your boot, it’s wise to contact a professional auto locksmith to ensure a safe and damage-free resolution. We recommend the services of “We’ve Got The Key” for reliable assistance in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.


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