Car key types: What is the difference?

Today on the roads in the UK you can find a huge variety of vehicles. Not surprisingly, there are also a large number of different car keys on the market.
Here at We’ve Got The Key, we work with all types of car keys, regardless of complexity. In this article, we want to tell you a little more about the different types of car keys. The article is especially useful for you if you urgently need to determine what type of key you have.

Traditional car key

This is what is most often associated with the word “key” if you think about it. The simplest and most familiar item of everyday use. This is an old-style key, which is used mainly in old models of cars. This key has no battery and cannot be programmed. This type of key is insecure because a traditional car key is extremely easy to forge, making it possible for thieves to gain access to your car. It is for this reason that these keys have gradually fallen out of use as automotive security has evolved. Now it is extremely rare to find keys of this type.

Transponder car key

This type of car key is the most popular at the moment and is used by most car manufacturers around the world. This type of key is based on an encoded chip that is associated with your specific vehicle, furthermore, if you try to open your car with a key from another car of the same brand, it will be impossible, because, despite the complete external identity of the key, each key has a unique encoded chip inside. transporter car key replacement It works on the principle of synchronization: a special chip is placed both inside the key and in your car.
The main problem in the repair or replacement of this type of key, in addition to manufacturing, car locksmith must program the key. To do this, the specialist auto locksmith has gone through extensive amounts of training. A car locksmith will also have access to the database of codes that car manufacturers provide to registered Auto locksmith companies.

Flip car key

This is another kind of car key that consists of a universal key that fits into the keyhole flip car key replacement on the doors or in the trunk of the car, but also has a battery-powered lock and unlock mechanism. At the moment, this type of car key can be called the most popular. It is this type that is used in most modern cars of the middle price segment. Due to its wide distribution, the Auto locksmith company can make a new key for most vehicles that use this key.

Proximity car key

Proximity car keys are a relatively new, innovative way to unlock and start a car. In order to do this, you just need to keep the key or key fob in close proximity. The smart key will only work if it is within the specified range. This key must not be inserted into the ignition switch. The car starts simply by pressing a special button. The disadvantage of this type of key is that repair or replacement in case of theft will be quite expensive. Proximity car key replacement This is due to the fact that each key is associated with a specific vehicle, so when a key is replaced, the new key must be programmed to work correctly.
Another disadvantage of this type of key is that if your car key is stolen, you potentially need to replace not only the key but the entire vehicle security system, which can be costly.
We hope that after reading this article, you have determined what type of car key you have.
If you have any problems with your car keys, you can always contact us. We’ve Got The Key is here to help you 24/7.


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