3 reasons why your car remote is not working

A faulty car key is a common problem, but it’s much worse if you lose it, but more often than not, there are small problems that you can solve on your own. What malfunctions most often torment car keys and how to deal with them quickly and relatively inexpensively?

Dead car key battery

The remote control of the car is powered by energy, if at some point the key just stops working and responds to the buttons, then you need to check the battery. Its replacement is simple and comes down to removing the old battery and installing a new one. Do not forget about the appropriate capacitance and polarity. Your best bet is to take out the old battery first and buy a new one based on it.

Damaged car key fob

Lack of response to buttons may be caused by damage to the case. Cracks and other damage are often the reason that, when pressed, the button does not apply pressure to the internal button located on the central locking unit board. The solution is to buy a new building.
To solve this problem, you will need to contact a car key workshop, where a specialist will change the old case for a new one for a fee and the key will be fully functional again. You can also try to change the case yourself, no tricky tools are needed, a small screwdriver is enough. However, we recommend that you only proceed on your own if you can be 100% sure that you can do the job correctly.
Note! In some car models, to restore the key, you will need to purchase the rubber buttons themselves.

Broken car key electronics

Frequent breakdowns of electronics (for example, the coil of a car key fails), primarily concerns French-made cars, some models of BMW , Mercedes – Benz , Toyota . In this case, it is enough to purchase the necessary repair kit and replace the defective element yourself.
The most problematic is damage to the key chip (immobiliser transponder), as a result of which the key becomes useless, it is impossible to start the car with it. In this case, often the only way out of the situation is a visit to the car locksmith , which recodes the transponder or simply encrypts a new one.
In the event of a major failure of the ignition key, for example as a result of flooding, almost always the only correct solution is to buy a new car key.
You can get out of any situation, but it’s better to just take care of the condition of both the main and spare keys, and, above all, keep a spare car key always at hand.

Car key repair in the UK 24/7

In the event that your car key does not work and you cannot independently understand what the problem is or fix it, we recommend that you contact our company: We’ve Got The Key has been successfully helping car owners across the UK with any car key problem for many years. Our highly qualified specialists are guaranteed to be able to identify the problem, as well as offer the most effective solutions.
In order to get an initial free consultation, just call us at 01603367100 or fill out the callback form on the ” contact us ” page. Our car key specialists work for you 24/7, so you can be sure that you will receive a consultation at any time.


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