The Best Way to Replace Your Car Keys

Whether through accidental loss or damage, there are times when a replacement car key is needed.

However, knowing the best way to replace your car key could help you avoid long waits without your vehicle or expensive bills. Below, we cover several options for replacing your car keys.

Car Dealership

Revisiting the car dealership from where you purchased your vehicle can be one of the simplest ways to replace your car keys.

Unfortunately, replacing your keys with a car dealership can often result in a premium price, as the dealership will often outsource the work to an auto locksmith.

Local Garage

Your local garage may also offer car key replacement services, and due to its locality might be worth considering.

However, a trip to your local garage should be at the bottom on the list of the best way to replace your car keys, as it does come with several downsides. Most local garages lack the equipment required for specialist key cutting, but if they have the necessary tools, you can expect to pay an increased price for their usage.

Insurance Provider

Depending on your insurance policy, your insurer may cover to replace your car key, though only in certain circumstances. If your policy covers such a service, your insurer will likely use a professional auto locksmith to undertake the work.

It is also crucial to be aware that making any claim on your insurance policy may affect your no-claims bonus, meaning your replacement keys cost you much more than expected.

Breakdown Service

Certain roadside breakdown providers may also offer replacement keys services. However, this will typically depend on the type of key you require cutting, as many breakdown providers will not come equipped with the latest technology. In such a case, they may still offer to replace your keys, but this will involve a trip to their garage to conduct the work, likely meaning a long wait for a new set.

Auto Locksmith

As most other options outsource the work to an auto locksmith, the best way to replace your car key is to often go straight to the locksmith yourself. The benefits of an auto locksmith are many, as by going direct, you will likely save on both time and costs.

The majority of auto locksmiths will travel out to your location and carry the equipment to cut a wide selection of different keys, which they can typically do in a single visit.

It is also not just car key replacements that an auto locksmith can help with either – opening locked cars, programming fobs and repairing damaged keys are all further benefits of an auto locksmith.

How to replace your car keys: final thoughts

The best way to replace your car key often depends on the options available to you, though the expertise of a professional auto locksmith should never be ignored.

At We’ve Got The Key, our team of experienced auto locksmiths are available for car key replacements whenever you may need them. To speak to one of our qualified call handlers today, give us a call on 0808 164 6716 to see how we can help.


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