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In need of auto locksmith services in Edinburgh?

At We’ve Got The Key, we are an established auto locksmith business proud to provide a comprehensive range of services with understanding customer support. We cover the entire Edinburgh area with our services, including emergency vehicle access and replacement car keys, to help you get back out on the road again. 

Car Key Programming

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Emergency Car & Van Locksmiths Covering Edinburgh

Getting locked out of your car by the roadside or snapping your keys in the ignition can be a frustrating experience. At We’ve Got The Key, our emergency auto locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will always attempt to be with you within two hours of your initial call. 

We train all our call handlers to treat your issue with sympathy and understanding while ensuring you remain up to date on the progress of your locksmith. 

Vehicle Access & Entry Experts Edinburgh

Locked out of your car or van in Edinburgh? If you are unable to access your vehicle, our experts can help. Our car and van locksmiths possess a range of non-destructive tools to allow for fast and efficient vehicle access. 

Replacement Vehicle Keys Edinburgh

At We’ve Got The Key, our car locksmiths provide a full range of replacement vehicle keys and can cut the majority of keys by the roadside. We also offer a full range of programmed remote keys, which we individually program at our many locations across Edinburgh.

All our keys come with a 12-month guarantee, while we also offer a selection of key fobs, key cards and transponder keys.

Car locksmith in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. Tourism and business activities are very developed here, therefore car traffic and freedom of movement are extremely important. Family and business trips, tourism and sightseeing are impossible without a car. So, when you lose your keys and can’t get in, it causes problems. You can’t provide services, you’re waiting for a taxi, you’re late for meetings with clients, you can’t get to work on time, or just go to the store.

You don’t have to endure stress or try to solve the problem yourself. This will lead to negative consequences, but the situation cannot be corrected. Every hour of waiting is additional stress, so, action should be taken immediately. The best solution is to call a specialist who will quickly and efficiently do the job.

Can’t get inside your car? Call auto locksmiths in Edinburgh!

The sooner you solve the problem with access to the car, the sooner you can go back to your usual household chores and business. You must remember – do not try to open the car yourself, as this can only make things worse. Since an ordinary person is not a professional auto locksmith, his actions may damage the car. Often people try to get through the trunk, windows, or try to open the doors.

Do not try to resolve the problem yourself

Manufacturers of modern cars have long provided for all these methods, and without special equipment and knowledge, you will simply damage your car. Usually, doors, locks, mechanisms in doors, and windows are damaged. Auto locksmith Edinburg Next, you will first need to call a specialist to open the doors, and then take the car to a car service to repair damage and replace broken items. Therefore, we recommend that you immediately contact professionals, do not waste time and money.

Our auto locksmiths in Edinburgh will quickly arrive on the scene, provide you with the necessary assistance, diagnose and get inside the car. We use only safe methods and tools that won’t damage your vehicle. Our technicians are highly qualified and have modern equipment. We work efficiently, quickly and professionally, and do our best to solve the problems of our customers.

Car key replacement, Edinburgh

Our experts have experience working with various models of cars from different automakers. It does not matter for us what brand of car to work with – Renault, Vauxhall, Bentley, Rover, Ford, Mercedes, Peugeot, BMW. We offer a full range of services, which includes car key cutting. Edinburgh is a big city with strong competition, so we are proud of the professionalism of our employees and the status of our company.

Our company “We’ve got the key” has an impeccable reputation and does everything for the customers. Car key programming in Edinburgh, cutting new key, penetration and unlocking of security systems – our technician will come to the site, do his job and take into account all your wishes. We work all year round, without days off and breaks, 24 hours a day. Contact us now and get the best service!

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