7 Places to Look for Your Missing Car Keys

We have all misplaced our car keys at some point, which can be incredibly annoying, but not to worry, as a quick search of the right places can quickly help to find them again.

The first step when it comes to where to find your missing car keys is to retrace your steps to the moment you last had them. However, if you are still unable to find your missing car keys having gone over your previous steps, there are several things you can do. To help, we have gathered several ideas for where to look for missing car keys.

Check all your pockets

Leaving your car keys in the pockets of clothes, especially those of a winter coat, can often go overlooked. Always thoroughly search any clothing items, particularly if you have changed outfits since you last had your car keys. 

Bottom of your bag

Much like the deep pockets of your clothes, keys in a bag can quite often be missed. Rather than simply having a quick rummage, it is much better to have a thorough search by emptying the bag’s contents and laying everything out on a table. Doing this will quickly show whether you have accidentally overlooked your missing car keys or not.  

The Kids' Bedroom or Playroom

Those with young children know that wandering hands can often see things turn up in the strangest of places. If your car keys have gone missing, it may be worth checking the children’s bedroom or playroom while also questioning your little ones whether they know what happened to your keys.

The Backseat, Boot or Car Roof Box

We have all tried to juggle one too many shopping bags back from our vehicles at some stage, and with trying to carry so much, it is easy to misplace your car keys. As a result, car keys may find themselves left in the boot, car roof box or on the backseat of your car without you even realising it. 

In the Front or Back Door

Whether due to being on the phone, dealing with the kids or just being in a rush, it is easy to be distracted when returning home. As a result, accidentally leaving keys in either the front or back door can happen and is always worth checking if lost. 

Still in the Ignition

Top of the list of where to look for missing car keys that we typically forget about is within the car itself. A quick check of the ignition could provide you with the answer to the location of your missing car keys are.

Where to look for your car keys: final thoughts

Still struggling as to where to find your missing car keys? If you have exhausted all the above ideas, you may have to accept that your car keys are completely lost. In such a situation, you will want to call a reputable locksmith, such as We’ve Got the Key, to create a new set.

Our locksmiths create replacement car keys for a wide range of makes and models, while we also offer a range of key fobs and transponders.


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