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Here at We’ve Got The Key, we are a leading auto locksmith business providing a full range of quality services to clients in Newport.

Whether you require replacement car keys or emergency vehicle access at the roadside, we can help. As a team, we understand the importance of friendly and reliable customer support, which is why our call handlers are available 24 hours a day to help find you a resolution to your issue.

Car Key Programming

Newport 24/7

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Car Key Replacement

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Car Key Cutting

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Emergency Car & Van Locksmiths Covering Newport

No matter where in Newport you might be, our team of emergency auto locksmiths can get to your location and have you back on the road again without any hassle.

Our locksmiths carry the latest equipment to assist with all make and model of vehicles and will always try to reach you within two hours of your initial call.

Vehicle Access & Entry Experts Newport

Locked out of your car? If require urgent vehicle access and entry services – whether at home or by the roadside, our team of auto locksmiths can help. Our locksmiths re-open cars and vans using specialist lockpicks that mimic the original key – allowing for swift, non-destructive vehicle access.

Replacement Vehicle Keys Newport

Whether you have misplaced your car keys or require a spare set in case of emergency, we offer a number of services for replacement vehicle keys to help. We cut the majority of replacement vehicle keys from the original on the spot while we can also create programmed remote keys at our many sites throughout Newport.

We can also offer clients a full range of key fobs, key cards and transponder keys, all of which come with a 12-month guarantee.

Professional car locksmith, Newport

Newport cannot be called a big city, but the ruins of Newport Castle are located here, very popular among tourists. The castle was built in the 12th century, and today it is an outstanding architectural monument. In addition, the city has other historical places that attract people from all over the world.

Need help in Newport? Call us!

Losing your car keys is a surprise that can happen to anyone at any time. Whether you’re a Newport resident or a tourist, one bad event can ruin your day. In such situations, a person is stressed, nervous, and makes the wrong decisions that can only complicate the situation. But, from the very beginning, you just need to call an auto locksmith in Newport, and we will solve the problem.

The best solution is to call a specialist

The most important mistake a person makes in a situation where the keys are lost is to try to open the car on his own. A modern car has multi-level protection, and it will be impossible to open it without damage. The only thing you can do is break the lock in the door or trunk, or break the glass, and thus get inside the car. But this method can hardly be called a successful restoration of access to the car. In addition, you will need to pay for car repairs and order new keys. On the other hand, you can immediately turn to professionals, and you will receive new keys after we safely and quickly restore access to your car.

Lost car key in Newport? We will make a new one quickly and reliably!

You do not need to take any additional steps to get a new car key. Newport – is a city in which one of our service centers is located, and that’s why we can provide a full range of services. We will quickly make a new key for your car and program it. Also, we always recommend our customers to order not only the main key for everyday use, but also an additional one. So you will always be insured against such a situation.

Excellent reputation and best employee training

Over the years in the UK market, we have helped thousands of people and trained many excellent professionals. It is possible with the high level of training, experience and openness in relationships with customers that we have earned a reputation for reliable and high-quality service. You can always leave a review about the work of our specialist and see the reviews of other people. All information, certificates, history and progress of the employee will be available for you when he arrives at the call.

We work throughout the country 24/7

Our company provides secure access recovery services throughout the UK, all year round, day and night without breaks and holidays. You can contact us wherever you are, and we will always provide you with professional assistance. We can open any type of car – SUV, van, minibus, truck or standard car and work with most modern car brands. A complete list of car brands is always available on our website. Just call us right now!

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